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Dear Aliens

Posted on July 26th, 2023 by Gerhard

I know this an unconventional thing to do, but I was thinking that if you’re monitoring us, you probably have access to our internet. Meaning, that if you do exist on or around Earth you have a very low percentage chance to read this letter. Very low, but some.

Welcome to Earth, a beautiful planet full of life, creativity, and diversity. In the vastness of the universe, we are excited by the opportunity to extend our greetings and share our experiences with you.

If you made contact with us before you’ve likely been in touch with our religious leaders and government officials. These individuals do have a significant roles in our societies, but they’re not the ideal type of humans that should be representing the human race.

We humans are incredibly varied in our thoughts, beliefs, and experiences, largely influenced by our cultural backgrounds and geographical locations. It’s this very diversity and our ability to adapt that makes is unique. From our perspective at least.

However, we’re now in a situation where the total number of people on Earth, combined with our current economic systems, is seriously straining our resources and affecting the quality of life for most people.

The fact that you can make it here means that you know or understand something fundamental that has evaded us until now. If you can shine a light on better fuels and propulsion systems it would be greatly appreciated. A lot of out current problems revolve around fuel and the pollution associated with it. A high efficiency energy source can change the way humans exist and prolong our life as a species substantially.

On a personal note, I would love to know what this is. Are we part of a large “machine” or the fragments from an explosion, just spinning out and slowing down in the process? Have we evolved naturally or was there intervention as a start or somewhere along the way? Are there other species beside you and us in the universe? (If you exist I will also be very excited!)

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter to you. Should you decide to share information with us, please don’t use the aforementioned religious leader and/or politicians as your mouthpiece. Open information is always better for the human race. However you do it, make it public, so that we can all see it.

Your human friend

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